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“Cooks up a storm with celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal”

The Wandsworth Guardian

“A very 21st century way of engaging with their community”

The Jewish Chronicle

Although not a member and living far north of Watford I would like to register my appreciation of your cooking blog. In particular browsing the Pesach recipes and recollections brings my childhood Pesach memories surging back. Helping to drag the heavy crates of newspaper wrapped crockery and pans
from under the stairs, not to mention how many different species of dead insects my sister and I could spot, was an exciting prelude to a special time. So three cheers and long may you flourish.
Best wishes,

Thank you so much for this, I can’t stop laughing!


Hello – I am so impressed by what you are doing.


What a lovely write up – I’m feeling nostalgic for my heder days!


Betty’s lokshen pudding was the most popular post of 2013 and is getting regular traffic via google

2013 highlights

I can definately vouch for this Lokshen Pudding – as a grateful receipient – it is delicious


so special 🙂 thank you for sharing!!


Another wonderful article


yet another lovely post, Thanks so much Liz. A great interview. Judith x

Que maravilla!! Borrecas, mina, quiche!!! Yo quiero aprender!
Ademas te ves hermosa en todas las fotos.

Mesmerized and touched by this wonderful video – thank you all at Apples and Honey for brightening my day


I am in awe…!


Amazing creativity – what a welcome for us all- baker supremo Eleri
Much admiration – Lorna

Just made this for my dinner [Janet’s Jewel Salad]. It was amazing! Delicious and filling, I highly recommend it. Thank you.


I accidentally found your webpage while looking for a vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster manual/photo …and how coincidental that you are talking about Jewish food and specifically Spanish and Portuguese influenced Jewish food. I am a Sephardic Jew! I have Jewish friends whose food experience is much different than mine, so I love it when I stumble upon things like this, reminding me to keep my family food and recipes going… Thank you!


These falafel are amazing! Thank you for sharing with us Tal 🙂




Just looked at this site for inspiration, as trying to find what was eaten in wartime, instead I found a receipe by Chani Smith, who I know quite well as she is our Rabbi wife, Danny Smith’s is the Senior Rabbi at EDRS, and we are members of the Shul.


My mother-in-law always has to do three varieties of kneidlach – her mother’s recipe, her mother-in-law’s and her own….she uses the Florence Greenberg one too. Delish!


love the warmth of the story – what a great way to remember your Mom


They are, quite simply, the most delicious biscuits on the planet! Now I wonder if mine will look like that?


Just reading the recipe brings back food memories of this wonderful cake!


I just LOVE this cycle of nursery eating and cooking…
The photos are spectacular.
Like Alison, I want to be a nursery child too…
Perhaps a baking club for us oldies could happen soon


OK – you’ve got me. Now I’m sunk in nostalgia.
Fabulous post – stunning photos.
well done all.


Maurice made two [apple hallah] and they were great. His mother has even taken the recipe back to Cardiff!


I came to the Honey Cake morning at the shul last Wednesday, I was heartend to see so many different types of cake, breads and buns, all made by members of the community. What a feast! I grew up with just one kind of Honey Cake at Rosh Hashanah, so this is a revelation to me and what inspiration it has given me. Never mind the Great British Bake off…. welcome the Great Wimbledon Jewish Bake off.

I tried the 6 plait instructions and I managed it! Thank you for describing it so clearly. Liz

Thank you for getting me involved in your blog,I am hooked and can’t wait to see more recipes and adding the stories is inspired.Just checked my also well worn copy of ‘Florrie’ and it too is the 1958 edition given to me when I was just 11……..


This is amazing. Not only are the recipes making my mouth water, I love the stories behind them. Can’t wait for more contributions to enjoy and stimulate more memories.


Hi, Lynne Sidkin makes the most amazing chocolate orange cake! Lynne, please share your recipe, it’s amazing!


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