Mini-Hallot, lots

Lynne Sidkin

‘What should we do next?’ This was the question we asked ourselves at our first Wimshul Cooks meeting after the summer break. Following the reprint of our cookbook, we needed to agree on our next focus, apart from enjoying each other’s company and eating cake!

We decided to build on our idea of supporting the synagogue Care Group lead by Sarah. In addition to baking cakes that Sarah and the Rabbi could take on their home visits, we would also prepare mini challot.

And so a few weeks later, the group met up in the Shul kitchen for a challah bake-in. With some of us bringing in large amounts of prepared dough – all that remained was for us to plait the challot. I am so in awe of the nursery children who do this on a regular basis – it’s not as easy as it might appear! But we did master the four-strand hallah. Despite being really busy, two days into his new job, Rabbi Rosner came to join us for a while.

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