New date for Wisdom of the Indian Kitchen Workshop

NEW DATE FOR – Wimshul Cooks Workshop – 22nd November 8pm

Wisdom of the Indian Kitchen with Ushma Williams

IllustrationSunday 22nd November 2015, 8pm at Wimbledon Synagogue

Ushma will lead a fascinating evening exploring the principles of Ayurveda, and its relevance to Indian cooking followed by a cookery demonstration of some delicious vegetarian dishes. We will finish the evening with a Q&A on the way Judaism and Hinduism converge and diverge on issues of food and well-being.

This is a unique opportunity to explore the way ancient cultures influence one another through their cooking.

 About Ushma

Ushma Williams ran cookery sessions on the Wisdom of the Indian Kitchen, based on Ayurvedic principles for Wandsworth Lifelong Learning Programme. She participated as a panelist at the Liberal Synagogue in North London on Inter-Faith Marriages, and held a workshop at the Roehampton University on Kingship in the Hindu and Jewish tradition. She also works as a freelance workshop leader at the British Library.

Reserve your place now!

£15 charge (proceeds go to the Wimshul Cooks Fund – Ushma is giving her time for free)

Email to reserve a place.


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