Sugar-free Lemon Kiddush Cake

Lynne’s Kiddush Lemon Drizzle Cake – adapted for a diabetic diet

by Alexandra Dembitz

Great excitement: I had the Wimshul Cookbook in my hands.  But I had a problem: my husband, John, is diabetic and all these glorious cake recipes were not shouting ‘bake me’ as I read them.

IMG_2342However I decided not to deprive him and adapted one.  This is the first one I have adapted to suit him and if others work, I will let you know – OK, I will admit to any disasters too!

I thought I would start with Lynne’s famous Lemon Drizzle Cake.

There are several sugar alternatives on the market and I often use Fruisana. Why?  I think it was the first one I picked up when John was diagnosed and I have got used to it.  It is a bit complicated to use in as much as you have to concentrate: you use a third less Fruisana than sugar and have to set the oven at 25 degrees lower. So I used 115 grams instead of 170 grams of caster sugar and set the oven to 135C instead of 160C.    I have to say that adapting cakes has proven to be fairly successful but biscuits do not ‘translate’ as well.

So all I did was use Fruisana instead of the sugar. I wasn’t worried about the cake itself but what would happen to the drizzle?  The recipe said to use icing sugar but I have not found a sugar substitute with the same sort of texture so I just used 75 grams of Fruisana and it worked.  It might be slightly different to the original recipe but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say.

And what did John say?  ‘Excellent!’

(P.S. The original recipe can be found in the cookbook – click here to order!)


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