Happiness is…


The Wimbledon Synagogue Community Cookbook is on sale at the Wimshul Cooks’ Book and Cake Sale: Sunday 22nd March 10 – 12.30 – click here for further details or to order online

Email us your photo to add to the gallery or send in your comments on the book! wimshulcooks@gmail.com (or comments section below)


“Walking past my beautiful new book I  thought I’d have a quick leaf through it.  I’ve just spent an hour drooling, smiling, reminiscing, being inspired and even shedding a little tear remembering my dad – and I’ve only just skimmed the surface.  What other cookbook can do that to you?  Well done all of you involved, it’s amazing.  When is the next one coming out!?” Gila

“Clearly so much thought and work to bring this this amazing project to fruition. It made me think of my mother and grandmother with their cookery books and old war time recipes. It is such an interesting balance of recipes, tradition and memory and so creatively presented and photographed.” Lorna

IMG_7632 IMG_9480 IMG_2241 IMG_2342 IMG_3237 IMG_5200 IMG_5241 image image3Dad


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