Pesach Minna revisited

Pesaj Spinach Minna Drizzled with Grape Syrup

Claudia Camhi       

It seemed timely to repost Claudia’s recipe following Sunday’s Passover cooking demonstration and to share with you how to make your own grape syrup.  IMG_4632 2013 11 10_0158 2013 11 10_0161


  • 500 grams of sturdy spinach leaves, washed, patted dry and sliced into 1 cm strips
  • 250 grams of ricotta
  • 3 large eggs
  • 150g of grated cheddar cheese
  • 8 matzah sheets briefly soaked in cold water
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 3 large peeled and boiled potatoes
  • A little sunflower oil


  • Preheat the oven to 180 C.
  • Make a potato puree by mashing the boiled potatoes and adding salt and pepper to mix. Set aside.
  • Place the spinach, ricotta, grated cheese (setting aside a little for the topping), eggs, salt and pepper in a large bowl. Work the ingredients with your hands as if it was dough in order to make sure the spinach is well covered with all the ingredients.
  • Oil the bottom and sides of a baking dish that is large enough to hold 4 matzah sheets. Soak the matzah sheets briefly in water. Place four matzahs covering the bottom of the baking dish. Then place the spinach mix and cover with the rest of the matzah sheets, a bit like a giant matzah sandwich.
  • Finally, cover the top matzahs with the potato puree, sprinkle with some grated cheese and bake for 45-60 minutes until it looks golden. Slice in squares and optionally drizzle with grape syrup before serving.

Grape Syrup Drizzle


  • 200 grams of seedless grapes (green or red)
  • 1/2 a cup of granulated sugar


  • Wash the grapes and remove the stems. Place them in a bowl and blend using the stem blender. Sieve, keep the juice and discard the rest. Place juice in a pan, add the sugar and place on the hob. Bring to a boil using mediu)m fire and then simmer until the consistency gets thicker (approx 20 minutes).
  • Drizzle on the spinach Mina at room temperature

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