A post-modern honey cake?

“Dip the apple in the honey …”

By Eleri Larkum

What if, I mused, having passed out one day in front of Pinterest, what if, instead of apple, it was apple cake, and instead of honey, it was honey cake, and instead of dip, it was cook.

“Cook the apple (cake) in the honey (cake)”

Irresistible, isn’t it.

So, I cooked an apple cake from the Smitten Kitchen blog, but halved the apple chunks and baked it on my biggest baking tray.

As it cooled, I made myself an apple shaped cutter out of tin foil – the thicker type you get on disposable baking trays.

After I staunched the blood flow (those edges are sharp), and cooled the cake, I cut out about 20 apple shapes and popped them in the freezer.

Of course, a cake made with chunks of apple, isn’t going to cut very neatly, and a home made (/bodged)
cutter, is also not going to cut very neatly, given those chunks.

Anyhow, moving on…


I made a honey cake batter from Claudia Roden – forgetting to substitute brown sugar for white, annoying, since a colour contrast between the cakes is slightly the point – then lined up the “apple” cakes along the middle of the tins, poured the batter over and around, and popped them in the oven.

This was about 10 minutes in.


Unfortunately, the cakes didn’t rise too much further than that – obviously I’d pour in a little more batter next time. Well, a lot more.

And this is how they look when done …

(they’re not going to win any prizes)P9191827And now for the big reveal.

I see it as an edible Rorschach test.

Or perhaps, appropriately enough, it’s a question of faith. If you really want to see the apple, you will…




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