A cake fit for a Rabbi

by Eleri Larkum

(c) Eleri Larkum

(c) Eleri Larkum

This was, all in all, the easiest  request ever. Well, it was, once it was jokingly suggested a cake showing the rabbi hanging up her tallit. Obviously I had to tweak the commission a little, but the idea of a tallit cake took root, and here it is.

As to the making, it is blissfully easy. I coloured a small piece of fondant icing blue, and rolled it out into very thin strips. The rest of the icing was rolled out into a rectangle large enough to cover the cake. Then I put the blue strips onto the white, covered it with cling film, and rolled it out a bit more to flatten the blue and squash the two together.

Then I just placed the icing artistically (dumped it) on top of a chocolate cake that I had made earlier. And that was that!

(c) Eleri Larkum

(c) Eleri Larkum


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