The festival of chocolate…I mean lights

Come and buy some unique chocolate hanukkiot at this Sunday’s (24th November) Wimbledon Synagogue Hanukkah Fair between 12 and 2pm. De Rosier Chocolate HanukkiotAs well as buying candles and gifts for the festival, you can pick up lunch – there’ll be bagels with various fillings, sushi, hot latkes and doughnuts.

The chocolate hanukkiot have been specially made by DeRosier Chocolates based in nearby Southfields. Opened last year by chocolatier Leona and her husband, Andrew the shop is a local gem. Leona here explains how she goes about making her exquisite chocolates:

DeRosier Chocolates“All my chocolates are handmade using single origin milk, dark and white chocolate. I work a lot with coloured transfer sheets to put patterns onto the chocolate. This involves using sheets of coloured cocoa butter patterns; I  lay them into the moulds and then coat with a thin layer of chocolate, adding a ganache filling, and finally when set, I cap off with a final layer of chocolate. After a couple of hours in the fridge, they are ready to get out of the mould. Bars and lollipops are simpler to make, as you just need to fill the moulds with chocolate, maybe sprinkling over a few nuts or other decorations. Packaging is one of the most time consuming aspects for the artisan chocolatier, as you want your products to look attractive and original and it is a constant battle to find the right boxes or wrappers that do not need too much personalising. It definitely takes as long to package the chocolates as it does to make them. And of course it takes no time at all to eat them!”DeRosier Chocolates


One thought on “The festival of chocolate…I mean lights

  1. what a lovely article! I have been to the shop/cafe and the chocolates are gorgeous! thanks for the plug for the Fair too!

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