The making of the House of Matzah

By Eleri Larkum

(See also the post The House of Matzah)

The House of Matzah by Eleri (c) Libby Hipkins 2013

The House of Matzah by Eleri (c) Libby Hipkins 2013

I’m not sure if anyone would want to make this – but having made one, I find them strangely compelling. Especially the Martha Stewart connection…

I started with the instructions on the Martha Stewart website, and made myself a cardboard house (this is the true genius moment – I’m not sure it could be done with matzahs on their own).

Here’s the box in the making.P3101138

And here is my first tip: measure the matzah and make the house as close to the size of the matzahs you can (one matzah for each wall and two for the roof).
My eureka moment came after I had made a house, cut it down once, and then measured the matzah and cut it down again. I got quite handy with the scissors and masking tape!

It occurred to me that you could use the matzah box as the house structure – nifty. But neat as this is, I guess it ignores my first tip. And my second tip is, ignore the first tip at your peril, you’ll be trimming matzahs otherwise.
And matzahs don’t trim.


Martha pours chocolate onto the cardboard. Can’t say I fancied it. Out came the tin foil…P3101141

Obviously I knew matzahs aren’t flat – I’ve tried to butter enough of them in my time to know that. But it wasn’t until this point in the build that I realised what this might mean…. Icing, piped into the gaps, and plenty of it. And string for the subsidence.



And there you have it!
I can’t say what it tastes like (the roof is covered in white chocolate mixed with raspberry jam, then iced, the rest is all fruit and chocolate), but I’m not sure that’s the point…

happy building…



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