Passover blogging

by WimShul Cooks

Sheet of matzah (c) L Ison 2013

Sheet of matzah (c) L Ison 2013

We think Passover is the ultimate Jewish festival when it comes to food.

Jewish people are supposed to follow a whole host of dietary restrictions every day of the year, but Passover really takes things to a different level of restriction. No toast? No Shreddies? No pasta? Don’t panic. It’s a chance to return to our mother’s and grandmother’s tried and tested recipes, and perhaps think up some ways to get through the week.

We’ll be running a series of articles on the festival, in broadly three themes:

  1. Nostalgia. The Wimshul Cooks team have asked their mothers and mothers-in-law to reminisce about Passover and share treasured recipes. We have stories from Chile, Ireland, Liverpool and East Ham…the memories are crystal clear. Passover food rituals really do mark out this festival as “different”.
  2. Innovation. Come to our “Interesting things to do with Matzah morning” on 13th March at 11am. Can Eleri do it again, and make a house of matzah? Click here for details and recipes and articles plus the MATZAH HOUSE.
  3. The practical. For those coming to the communal seder, or wondering what to make for their seder meals, or during the week, we’ll be pooling recipes and ideas. Click here for Rabbi Sheridan’s guide on “What to eat on Pesach“.

We hope this will be “food for thought”. Join in and share your recipes and stories.


Pesach breakfasts by the Mersey (Mindi Ison)

Recollections of Chilean Pesaj (Claudia Camhi)

Matzah pudding: A Victorian Odyssey (Liz Ison)

Memories of an East Ham Pesach (Heather Bieber)

Old World Pesach treats -Irish style (Alison Kelin)

Our Pesach “plant” (Jo Freeman)

Matzah ball recipe (Diane Barnett)

How to make matzah (Miriam Edelman)

Recipes for those egg yolks (Miriam Edelman)



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