Hamantaschen – WimShul style!

8473496919_cba03dc406_zAnyone entering the Shul building this Wednesday afternoon would have been met by the glorious aroma of freshly baked hamantaschen. This morning was the Wimshul Cooks’ Purim bake-in which was a truly ‘hands-on’ and inter-generational event, enjoyed by the nursery, baby and toddler group, and adult education classes.


Two baking stations were set up – one for the adults, the other for the children – and both quickly turned into hives of industry. Carra, Claudia and Liz had prepared batches of dough and the team brought in various fillings: apricot with syrup, apple, sultana and cinnamon, chocolate chips, jam and, at Devin’s special request, cream cheese with vanilla and chocolate!

To background music of Purim songs, the nursery children came up in groups and with a little help each produced their own hamantaschen which they were able to eat later. Some chocolate chips didn’t quite make it into Claudia’s thoughtfully pre-cut dough circles but disappeared into little mouths – after all, Purim is about having fun!

The mothers then joined us with their babies and toddlers and also produced trays of goodies. Alongside them the adults started their own production line, joined by both Rabbis, Estelle and Noni.

8473533685_cd2322023a_z 8474582526_610c8d5a35_z


Some interesting shapes were created, including crescents and some that reminded us fondly of kreplach, and the trays were then passed through to the kitchen where they were topped with sprinkles and mohn and baked by Claudia.

We persuaded Jackie and Sharon (both self-confessed ‘non-bakers’ but with considerable other talents) to join us, and in total around 150 hamantaschen were produced. Naturally they had to be tasted for quality control but 100 were packed up to give to the Food For Thought attendees the next day.

In all a happy and fun-filled morning. If you missed today’s event, please come along to our Pesach morning on March 13th when we will be tasting innovative and interesting Matzah recipes!

Finally, a big thank you to Michael and Francisco for both set-up and sweep-up!

Words: Lynne Sidkin

Photos: Libby Hipkins & Carra Kane

16th February 2013




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