The Seven Species Biblical Superfoods!

You read it here first: news of the next big food fad, the Biblical Seven Species Diet! We hope Yvonne, Sharon and Orli will update their blog entry with a recipe containing all seven Biblical superfoods, preferably after they’ve sobered up from the Palwin’s. Happy birthday, Sharon!

We were celebrating Sharon’s 50th birthday with a long weekend away in Somerset. Being eleven Jewish women we brought enough food for about two months – never mind two nights. We also brought Shabbat candles, many challot and started the weekend with a traditional Apples and Honey nursery Kabbalat Shabbat.

However we still felt the need to peruse the food market in Wells the next day. We walked to Wells in beautiful sunshine and bought olives, falafel, figs and grapes and sat in the shadow of the cathedral for an al fresco lunch.

Orli noticed that we had three of the seven ancient biblical species in our lunch and told us about a nutritional conference she recently attended in Israel. One of the lectures she attended discussed the health benefits of the seven species.

As the cheder children will be decorating the sukkah on Sunday they will be hanging fruit and vegetables, no doubt including some of the seven species.

Let’s look at the seven species…… olives, wheat, barley, figs, dates, pomegranates, grapes.
Not only are they delicious, and some may be included in our daily diet, it’s interesting to look at the health benefits of our ancient heritage…

Commonly known in the liquid form as wine!

An occasional glass of wine helps to reduce cholesterol, something the French have also clocked onto. Not sure Palwin No 10 would qualify for this.

We all know that the olive branch represents peace. Also olive oil is healthy to use in salads and cooking as it’s not a saturated fat.

Wheat and Barley:
They are essential for our bread or challa, breakfast cereals, and our lovely cakes, but will also provide us with fibre, as will figs and dates.

New research is now going on in Israel to look at the various properties of pomegranates and dates. There is some evidence emerging about their ability to treat atherosclerosis (fatty deposits in the walls of arteries).

Many fruits and vegetables contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that help us to stay healthy.

We are now off to enjoy the qualities of the trampled grapes!

Yvonne, Sharon, Orli


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