Festival iced biscuits: apples and honey, etrogs and a leaf

Eleri has been thinking and baking and icing creatively. Nothing new then. She writes,

“I wondered what my gingerbread biscuits would taste like with honey instead of treacle, and had a go, and came up with apples and honey biscuits. The taste is amazing – with the cheapest honey too, and the smell of honey that wafts through the kitchen …I also made some etrogs and a leaf for sukkot.”

She sent us these photos of her creations.

Looking forward to what you come up with for Simchat Torah, and the rest of the festival cycle, Eleri….and can you send us the recipe and icing instructions? Thank you. (CLICK HERE FOR THE RECIPE NOW ADDED)

Photos submitted by Eleri Larkum


4 thoughts on “Festival iced biscuits: apples and honey, etrogs and a leaf

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  2. This is not a festival response but a request for anyone who can give me a recipe(other than using merangue) for a thin crispy base to a cheesecake, without using the ubiquitous biscuit base. I want something wafery, crispy and low fat preferably…
    Any ideas ?
    x Caroline

    • Hi Caroline

      Claudia has sent in the recipe for the base of her pear tart and cheese cakes:


      The measuring cup I use is 150 ml:
      1/2 cup of plain flour
      1/2 cup of ground almonds
      1/2 tablespoon of baking powder
      1/2 cup of sugar
      1 egg
      50 grams of butter

      •Preheat oven at 180 C
      •With a fork soften the butter, mix in the sugar and egg,
      • Add the flour and baking powder, mix and roll into a ball -if too moist add more flour if too dry there is trouble….maybe add a few drops of vanilla extract.
      •Cover in cling film and rest in fridge for 1/2 hour
      •Use rolling pin to stretch the size of you base, you may need to dust worktop with flour
      •Prick with fork
      •Bake until golden


  3. I have now tried this and it was good, thank you… I also used a meringue ‘disc’ that worked quite well too, and as I had enough, put another on the top. Had I had a third, I would have sliced through the middle for another, maybe next time.

    I wonder if you could use macaroon mixture? I love making those…. when I have a lot of time though…

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