Grandma Dora’s Borscht

This soup was made by my Grandma whose family came from somewhere in Poland. Great Grandpa Solomon liked to add smetana (sour cream and yoghurt) which we would buy in Hessel Street in the East End on a Sunday morning.

Ingredients list

1 medium onion

1 medium carrot

5/6 raw beetroots

1 litre stock made using Israeli parve bouillon

juice of a large lemon

1 tablespoon sugar

Salt & black pepper to taste

Creme Fraiche (optional)


Peel and chop all the vegetables. Put into a large pan and cover with the stock. Bring to the boil, cover and simmer for 45minutes until the vegetables are tender.

Add the lemon juice and sugar and seasoning to taste.

Then simmer for a further 5 minutes. Allow to cool and puree the mixture using a stick blender or put into a liquidiser. Return to the heat for a few moments serve piping hot.

Add creme fraiche before serving if required.


This quantity will make six generous portions. It tastes even better if you leave it overnight before serving. Freezes very well.

Recipe submitted by Jo Freeman


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